Curriculum Vitae

Papadopoulou Vicky  ,MSc in Clinical Diabetology, nutritionist-dietitian , graduated from Thessaloniki’s Technological Institute-Department of Nutrition & Dietetics in 1999,after having completed her supervising practice at “Agios Dimitrios” Hospital in Thessaloniki .Since then, she has been working as a dietitian with many Weight Management Institutes , sports –centers and athletes, worked with other health  professionals  and since 2007, she is owner to a Nutrition Consulting Office in  Thessaloniki,135 Vas.Olgas , and works privately. She is also teaching and training dietetics students at IIEK PASTER.  

She is member of the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity , Hellenic Dietetians & Nutritionists Association. Keeps up to date with the   latest facts in nutrition and dietetics , by attending seminars and conferences. 


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